Thakur Shyamnarayan High School

(Hindi  Medium)


Thakur Shyamnarayan high School Hindi Medium, SSC Board, Maharashtra State established primarily to offer quality in vernacular medium for the benefit population. This school, established in year 2000, became instantly popular for good academic ambience, qualified and personal attention given to students. The proposed infrastructure Thakur village will be not only be among the vernacular medium schools in city but also comparable to institutions of its kind in the country.


Thakur Shyam Narayan High School Hindi Medium, founded in the year 2000 is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Education Board. It aim at fostering the student’s intellectual, aesthetic, moral and physical growth and strives for excellence. The school is run by Thakur Education Trust.


God has made man with a purpose. We are a part of a big picture our lord has created . However, there are very few people who actually discover or know the purpose of their existence. Most of us just exist and keep counting our days rather than making our days count.
The Thakur Shyamnarayan High School[Hindi Medium] is always enthusiastic in providing the opportunities, which help the students to gain theoretical knowledge along with the practical learning and to discover the hidden talents in students through active participation in extra co-curricular activities. Involvement in such activities also helps in the enhancement of an overall personality.